6 bad habits that prevent you from getting rid of belly

You have done almost everything to get rid of belly: From diet, sport, medication, e-health and teleconsultation . But despite all your efforts, it’s still there !

Maybe you have one of these seven habits:

  1. You choose to eat from large plates.

Large plates can make you feel like you’ve eaten less. However, if it is small you will have that feeling of fullness

  1. You eat late night meals
    Recent studies have shown that the body burns calories during sleep but the process is not efficient enough, as late night meals cause indigestion, unburned fat that settles in your body
  1. You eat when you are sad, angry or irritated

Some people calm themselves with food. And maybe you do too, but remember that you are not actually hungry, you are upset. Instead of eating, drink juice or water, or talk to a friend.

  1. You often eat low-calorie food
    Some people believe that the fat in regular food is responsible for the bulges. In fact, olive oil and avocado are very effective for weight loss and are classified as some of the most beneficial foods for your body. As for low-calorie products, they are packed with sugar, so banish them from your diet immediately!

5. You don’t get enough sleep
Studies have shown that physically active adults need to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. A lack of sleep increases cortisol levels, and thus your need for junk food to comfort you and help you grow your belly.

6. You are not getting enough protein

An adult should consume an average of 20-25g of “protein” in each meal, but this also depends on your physical activity and weight. Increasing your protein intake will balance your blood sugar levels, which will boost your metabolism.

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