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The​​ cabbage​​ soup​​ diet Cabbage​​ soup​​ is​​ very​​ rich​​ in​​ nutrition.​​ It​​ will​​ be​​ impossible​​ for​​ you​​ to​​ run​​ out​​ of​​ vitamins​​ with​​ cabbage​​ soup!​​ Thanks​​ to​​ the​​ ingredients​​ of​​ cabbage​​ soup,​​ your​​ body​​ will​​ benefit​​ from​​ an​​ absolutely​​ incredible​​ nutritional​​ diet.​​  Cabbage​​ soup​​ contains​​ vegetables​​ that​​ are​​ very​​ rich​​ in​​ nutritional​​ value.​​ This​​ soup​​ has​​ the​​ ultimate​​ advantage​​ of​​ bringing​​ together​​ many​​ elements:​​ minerals​​ as​​ well​​ as​​ fibers​​ that​​ are​​ essential​​ for​​ the​​ health​​ of​​ the​​ body. With​​ the​​ cabbage​​ soup​​ recipe,​​ as​​ well​​ as​​ the​​ many​​ other​​ recipes​​ available​​ on​​ this​​ website,​​ you​​ can​​ respect​​ the​​ “5​​ fruits​​ and​​ vegetables​​ a​​ day”​​ rule​​ and​​ your​​ body​​ will​​ benefit​​ from​​ a​​ consequent​​ intake​​ of​​ vitamins​​ and​​ minerals. Cabbage​​ soup​​ gives​​ you​​ great​​ freedom​​ in​​ the​​ choice​​ of​​ ingredients.​​ By​​ browsing​​ through​​ this​​ website,​​ you​​ will​​ discover​​ that​​ there​​ are​​ many​​ alternative​​ recipes:​​ the​​ basic​​ recipe​​ for​​ cabbage​​ soup.​​  The​​ alternative​​ recipes​​ for​​ cabbage​​ soup​​ contain​​ a​​ large​​ number​​ of​​ vegetables:​​ carrots,​​ leeks,​​ courgettes,​​ green​​ lentils,​​ artichokes,​​ pumpkin,…​​ which​​ allows​​ you​​ to​​ vary​​ the​​ taste​​ but​​ also​​ (and​​ above​​ all)​​ the​​ nutritional​​ value.​​ With​​ cabbage​​ soup,​​ you​​ can​​ mix​​ fruits​​ and​​ vegetables​​ to​​ obtain​​ a​​ juice​​ full​​ of​​ nutritional​​ benefits. Note​​ that​​ it​​ is​​ quite​​ rare​​ in​​ our​​ daily​​ consumption​​ to​​ eat​​ cabbage…​​ even​​ though​​ this​​ vegetable​​ is​​ one​​ of​​ the​​ richest​​ of​​ all​​ fruits​​ and​​ vegetables.​​ Cabbage,​​ which​​ is​​ the​​ flagship​​ vegetable​​ of​​ the​​ cabbage​​ soup​​ diet,​​ contains​​ very​​ rich​​ ingredients​​ such​​ as​​ magnesium​​ and​​ calcium​​ (good​​ for​​ cell​​ renewal),​​ potassium​​ (good​​ for​​ kidney​​ functions),​​ as​​ well​​ as​​ many​​ vitamins​​ (vitamin​​ C,​​ A,​​ …). The​​ tuna​​ diet The​​ Tuna​​ diet​​ is​​ a​​ food​​ system​​ whose​​ goal​​ is​​ to​​ make​​ all​​ people​​ lose​​ weight​​ while​​ respecting​​ their​​ basic​​ principles.​​ The​​ diet​​ is​​ based​​ on​​ the​​ combination​​ of​​ a​​ high-protein​​ diet​​ and​​ a​​ low-calorie​​ diet.​​ Concretely,​​ the​​ Tuna​​ diet​​ consists​​ of​​ consuming​​ proteins​​ while​​ limiting​​ the​​ intake​​ of​​ lipids​​ and​​ carbohydrates.​​ This​​ combination​​ will​​ allow​​ the​​ person​​ to​​ follow​​ the​​ diet​​ to​​ lose​​ weight​​ quickly. Indeed,​​ the​​ proteins​​ will​​ aim​​ at​​ maintaining​​ the​​ level​​ of​​ muscle​​ mass​​ while​​ allowing​​ the​​ loss​​ of​​ the​​ fat​​ mass​​ caused​​ by​​ the​​ reduction​​ of​​ the​​ sugar​​ intake.​​ The​​ main​​ characteristic​​ of​​ the​​ Tuna​​ diet​​ is​​ its​​ simplicity.​​ Very​​ easy​​ to​​ implement,​​ it​​ is​​ also​​ very​​ fast.​​ The​​ results​​ arrive​​ in​​ a​​ very​​ fast​​ way.​​ At​​ the​​ same​​ time​​ easy​​ and​​ fast,​​ it​​ offers​​ all​​ the​​ advantages​​ sought​​ when​​ you​​ want​​ to​​ do​​ a​​ diet​​ to​​ lose​​ weight. However,​​ like​​ all​​ changes​​ in​​ food​​ hygiene,​​ the​​ Tuna​​ diet​​ requires​​ great​​ motivation​​ and​​ iron​​ will.​​ During​​ the​​ diet,​​ not​​ only​​ will​​ you​​ have​​ to​​ be​​ able​​ to​​ lose​​ the​​ extra​​ kilos​​ by​​ following​​ the​​ diet​​ program,​​ but​​ also​​ to​​ be​​ able​​ to​​ resist​​ the​​ many​​ temptations​​ that​​ will​​ arise. The​​ 14-day​​ tuna​​ diet​​ is​​ one​​ of​​ the​​ shortest​​ and​​ most​​ effective​​ diets​​ of​​ the​​ moment.​​ One​​ of​​ the​​ necessary​​ conditions​​ for​​ the​​ success​​ of​​ the​​ diet​​ is​​ the​​ strict​​ observance​​ of​​ the​​ dietary​​ instructions.​​ It​​ allows​​ you​​ to​​ lose​​ a​​ large​​ number​​ of​​ kilos​​ (up​​ to​​ 10)​​ in​​ record​​ time. The​​ lemon​​ diet The​​ lemon​​ diet​​ consists​​ of​​ several​​ stages​​ spread​​ over​​ a​​ full​​ week.​​ Of​​ course,​​ it​​ recommends​​ the​​ use​​ of​​ lemon,​​ in​​ all​​ its​​ forms​​ and​​ especially​​ in​​ juice​​ as​​ soon​​ as​​ you​​ wake​​ up.​​ Each​​ day​​ includes​​ its​​ learning,​​ simple,​​ clear,​​ precise,​​ non-binding​​ but​​ contributing​​ to​​ weight​​ loss​​ but​​ also​​ to​​ find​​ an​​ optimum​​ form. Why​​ lemon​​ in​​ particular?​​ Because​​ it​​ has​​ many​​ virtues.​​ Namely​​ that​​ it​​ effectively​​ stimulates​​ digestion,​​ which​​ is​​ a​​ great​​ ally​​ in​​ the​​ search​​ for​​ slimness.​​ Lemon​​ also​​ promotes​​ transit​​ and​​ helps​​ eliminate​​ toxins.​​ And​​ finally,​​ not​​ negligible​​ advantage,​​ it​​ is​​ an​​ excellent​​ natural​​ appetite​​ suppressant! The​​ lemon​​ diet​​ itself,​​ therefore,​​ consists​​ of​​ drinking​​ a​​ glass​​ of​​ lemonade​​ as​​ soon​​ as​​ you​​ wake​​ up.​​ Well​​ before​​ thinking​​ about​​ having​​ breakfast!​​ The​​ first​​ essential​​ step​​ in​​ the​​ slimming​​ process.…